Young Wonders Early Childhood Center

Young Wonders Early Childhood Center strives to provide a loving, caring, learning environment where families, children, and staff are given the respect, commitment, and attention that each individual deserves. We believe that families deserve to be acknowledged as experts on their children. We value honesty, communication, patience, and collaboration with our families. We maintain an open-door policy, flexibility, and security for the families who trust us with their most precious miracles. We believe that children deserve a safe, warm, nurturing environment where they are provided with stability while building strong attachments with caregivers. We value learning where children can learn and delight in achievements through play and opportunities to explore. We strive to build each child’s self-worth.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru Friday, 6:45am-5:45pm.

  • Our facility offers year-round care.


Young Wonders has been awarded a 4-star quality rating from Quality Stars NY.


The premiere focus of our Infant program is building connections with caregivers. Caregivers succeed in maintaining routines for each infant that are always designed by the child’s individual needs. Through this responsiveness and warmth, infants learn their needs are met and supported. This is the ultimate foundation for optimal brain development. Our little ones are offered plenty of opportunities to move and play freely, with limited time spent in swings or bouncy chairs. The environment includes various learning centers with toys and materials that are open ended and can be used many different ways, allowing plenty of exploration. Development is encouraged through observation of play and abilities. Developmental goals are designed, and small group activities are offered, but never forced. We follow their lead and interests whenever possible. Language development is stimulated through conversation, reading and out loud descriptions of daily routines and activities.


A safe and challenging environment is provided for our Toddlers, with plenty of opportunity to move freely and explore. Different learning centers are defined, permitting various play patterns. At one end of the room, the children can serve pretend food to a teacher as they play chef or restaurant. At the other end, they use magnifying glasses to examine small variations between animals or insects in sand and water. In the Toddler class, we see a bit more routine and structure, although most of the day is devoted to free play. We are excited to nurture the independence that develops at this age. We practice self-care activities, empathy and assertiveness to teach the children their words have power to heal and solve problems. We fine tune large motor skills by arranging chances to climb, run, dance and balance. Open-ended activities called “Happenings” are provided at least twice daily. In these “Happenings”, familiar materials are provided and the children are encouraged to experiment and manipulate materials in meaningful ways. During the activities, a familiar and stable caregiver poses open ended questions and gives positive feedback to engage further curiosity.

Preschool and Pre-K

Our Preschool and Pre-K programs are centered on Developmental Appropriate Practice. An intensification of structure is present with the help of visual routines and daily rituals. Along with the standard learning centers (dramatic play, science, blocks, etc.), a daily dose of open ended art and sensory experiences are included. Opportunities to learn about shapes and mathematical concepts enrich the curriculum and provide new challenges. Caregivers are ready to increase or decrease the difficulty of activities based on each child’s ability. The most significant priority, however, is the focus on Social Emotional health and education. The children learn how to communicate wants and needs, share attention and focus, and use self-regulation tools to disengage the stress response. The emphasis placed on these primary strategies will help them throughout their educational journey, and prepare them to be lifelong learners.

School Age

Young Wonders is pleased to provide a fun and inviting summer program for ages 5yrs-12yrs. Our summer program will provide engaging and active experiences, allowing your child to recharge their batteries over the summer through fun and new friendships! The summer program will offer creative art, science, sensory, cooking, and excursion experiences. Our summer program is small and close-knit, offering plenty of personal attention and curriculum catered to your child’s interests. Young Wonders also offers an afterschool program during the school year with similar offerings as our summer program with the addition of homework help.

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