Employee Racial Justice Education

The YWCA Binghamton/Broome County is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. These are powerful words, and many employees ask, “What can I do in my classroom, my home, and in my community to make a difference?”

To fulfill our mission, the YWCA Binghamton/Broome County embraces a comprehensive racial justice approach which requires working towards progressive social change. Our racial justice approach acknowledges that while racism can manifest as an individual action (as a result of personal prejudice or stereotyping), racism is defined as a set of societal, cultural, and institutional beliefs and practices, regardless of intention, that subordinates and oppresses one race for the benefit of another.

Color of a person’s skin reveals only one thing… the color of a person’s skin”

Our  Employee Racial Justice Education Program is designed to enhance our staff’s knowledge and understanding of racism and discrimination. It helps them to understand how racism continues to plague our society. With the increased knowledge gained from these activities, staff become more comfortable discussing the issues of racism with children, parents, family and colleagues. Our goal is for all employees to become advocates for the YWCA Binghamton/Broome County and our mission.


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